Ready for the Winter Olympics? Ski Jumping Pro!

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, we decided to give Ski Jumping Pro a MAJOR update on Android and iOS!

5 million downloaders can’t be wrong, so this new version promises to deliver even more of the pants-wetting terror that comes from standing at the top of a 100-metre long ski ramp with only one way down. What can you expect?

Here you go…

  • Stunning 3D graphics, slow-motion action replays and iconic brands brings the feel of the winter sport to life.
  • Career Mode featuring 5 cups across 19 courses
  • Instant bite-sized action with Quick Jump mode, allowing unlocked courses to be replayed
  • Multiplayer mode featuring global leaderboards, head-to-head challenges, competitions and events
  • Over 50 items of character customisation, including gloves, skis, helmets, boots and suits items
  • Two styles of play: “Flow” mode (gyroscope) or tapping
  • Casual & Pro difficulty levels, with an “+” level for increased difficulty
  • Unlockable content including new contests and venues

Downloadable from Feb 8th on on Google Play and the App Store – stay tuned!

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  1. check your gameplay
    used to own old version was very good
    now ……
    is using flow supposed to be better
    using the flow button i constantly get worse results
    btw last version i was first in everything

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