1. The game is freezing after the boss battle and Doesn’t display an ending. This is happening on my IPhone 5s.

  2. DLC bug seems to be fixed, however every time I win the game (I’ve only played normal difficulty), the game freezes. I am using an iPhone 6. Nothing is responsive on the screen except the options menu in the upper right of the screen. I have to kill the app and launch again to play. When I do this, there’s no option to continue, only start a new game. Is this a known issue?

  3. The game freezes after the last battle. Right after clicking the dialogue for the duke when he says his body is failing him.

  4. Every time I finish the game is freezes after the duke says my body is failing me. This is happening on my IPhone 5s.

  5. Good news, we just submitted a new iOS version to Apple, which fixes the boss battle/endgame bug. Your devices should notify you about the update being available as soon as Apple approves it.

    Thank you for your reports and your patience – we’re always happy to get any kind of feedback!

    Kalypso Media Mobile Team

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