Airline Tycoon will be free-2-play on mobile platforms!


Here’s an excerpt from the recent press release:

“Kalypso has today confirmed the settlement of a development deal with Canadian studio Norsfell Games Inc. to bring the hugely popular Airline Tycoon franchise to Android and iOS. After an extensive worldwide pitching process, Norsfell Games Inc., a talented Montreal based studio, topped the field with its free-to play expertise and fresh game design approach to one of Kalypso’s many successful IPs.

“We are excited to work with Norsfell bringing the Airline Tycoon Franchise to iOS and Android.” Commented Marcus Behrens, Publishing Director of Kalypso Media Mobile. “They are a team of passionate professionals with strong game design and monetization skills. We share the same set of values when it comes to building a successful working relationship, and we are convinced that we found the right team for the right project.”

“We couldn’t be happier to combine Kalypso’s awesome publishing know-how with Norsfell’s expertise in mobile game development.” Said Julian Maroda, CEO and Minister of Creation at Norsfell Games Inc. “The goal of Norsfell has always been to foster the development of fresh multiplayer games and working closely with Kalypso on a beloved Tycoon franchise allows us to pursue this vision in a mutually stimulating environment.”

Kalypso Media Mobile has already seen success with the release of Crowntakers, Wings! Remastered and Jump the Rope on mobile devices and will continue to develop and publish original IP as well as leveraging its own IP for the mobile market as part of its overall strategy for the division.”

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