Empire TV Tycoon goes iPad

Today we are proud to announce that  Empire TV Tycoon, the retro tv management simulation game that already has many enthusiasts on PC, goes iPad.

Simply follow this LINK to the AppStore and start being successful today.

After the download, the game will consume no mobile data while playing on the road and we renounced from using in-game advertising for the sake of pure 8bit game fun!

NB: Yes, there will be an Android version as well. Just a little patience…

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  1. I want a refund with this game in the uk version in a ipad

  2. We’re sorry to hear that. You can refund purchases via your iTunes account using the receipt of your purchase.
    Please contact Apple if you need help with that.

  3. Ok but thank you for your services but I will buy this again if some youtubers love this game and not keeps on crashing on one YouTube video

  4. Thanks for bringing back a classic! Played MadTV like 25 yrs ago and this has sentimental value. Only issue i have is the text font. Really hard to read, can you make that clearer? It kills a lot of the fun and gets really hard to see on ipad

  5. You can actually already play the game in multiple languages – just go to the OPTION menu. There is German in there as well. We will make the App Store display all languages with the next update of the game.

  6. Yes, we are aware of the problem and that’s why we excluded iPhones since they have very little displays, even smaller than the iPad. Thank you for sharing your impression, we are aware that this problem can exist and I will forward it to the developer so they can evaluate what can be done.

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