1. Purchased crowntakers for my iPhone. The game seems great but when I rest at inns my health doesn’t regenerate for my main character or my mercenaries. Also would be nice to be able to save my progress. Thanks!

  2. Hello Trent,
    we’re happy to like the game!
    Actually, the developer is looking at a save solution at the moment, but we cannot confirm the feature will be coming yet. Some people even like the challenge of starting all over again, so we need to find a good way there.

    Thank you,
    Kalypso Media Mobile Team

  3. Whenever I try to enter the necropolis the game immediately shuts down. Very let down that I paid the extra money for this feature and have not realized any benefit whatsoever. Hoping a patch is released for this problem.

  4. I have also run through the entire game and I was only able to find one mercenary. Additional guidance on how to find Zoe and the others would be much appreciated.

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