1. Hey! My name is Erik and I’m trying desperately to download the DLC part for Crowntakers, I’ve called apple because i keep recieving a message saying “your purchase could not be completed” PLEASE help me, I really want to play this before Halloween comes, it would really make this holiday something! I refuse to continue the main campaign until I have the full package!

  2. Hi Erik,
    we’re sorry you’re having that much trouble with the DLC. Unfortunately, the process of purchasing a DLC is entirely in Apple’s hands. We upload the DLC to the store for a certain price – the moment you push the “Buy” button, you are with Apple.
    I hope Apple comes back to you soon!

    Kind regards
    Kalypso Media Mobile

  3. Tried on iPAd Air and on iPhone SE, both situations the Necropolis update is broken in the game. I can’t go there and I can’t spawn more mercenaries until Malda is unlocked. But I cannot unlock her since going to Necroplis crashes every time.

  4. Thank you for describing this behaviour. Can you confirm you are playing with the very latest version of Crowntakers?
    If so, we would like to know more about the iPad you are playing with – what iOS are you using?
    Please contact supportmobile@kalypsomedia.com for further assistance.

    Thank you!

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