Big Update for Airline Tycoon – Free Flight!

Version Notes Airline Tycoon v1.5.21

Based on your feedback, we have fixed some important issues in the game!

Languages: the game can be played in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish

Loading Screen: fixed an issue in which the game remained stuck on the loading screen. The problem was affecting players at Company Level 11 and 12 with certain Quests.

Save Game: fixed an issue in which the save game was corrupted/disappearing. It was linked to the above issue.

Friend Codes: fixed an issue in which Friend Codes couldn’t be claimed.

Airplane Assembly: improved behavior when assembling a plane to prevent list from automatically scrolling up.

Extra: added the player’s Friend Code on the Loading Screen to ease up support if player encounters issue where they can’t get into the game.

Staff: the cost per flight for Staff is now constant, which means that it no longer changes according to their Level. The amount of Energy per Level is also now constant.

Airports: the price of Airports has been decreased. Their passengers refill rate is now linked to the size of the airport, which means that a bigger airport will refill faster than a smaller one.

Events: the time an Airport can remain locked during a negative event has been reduced.

Thank you for flying Airline Tycoon – Free Flight!

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